Who We Are

Securing Business from the Inside Out...

IOCYBER, LLC is a Maryland based cyber security firm founded in 2016, with a mission to help reduce risk to prevent the loss of value, trust, and confidence in organizations. Our team comprised of highly motivated cyber security professionals with extensive experience supporting the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and Commercial sectors. You've worked so hard to build your company’s value, gain customers trust and confidence, let us help you protect it.

Our Vision

To secure businesses, from the inside out.

Our Core Values

IOCYBER provides innovative, trustworthy and high-quality service to customers. No matter what the circumstances, we act with integrity and take personal accountability in our work.

Honesty - Being upfront with our services and pricing. Also explaining exactly how we are going to accomplish our deliverables.

Act with Integrity - There are no moral shortcuts in business, we will always do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.

Innovative, High-quality Service - We want our customer to feel like the service that we provided exceeds their expectations.

  • Provide innovative, trustworthy and high quality service to customers.

  • Act with integrity and take personal accountability in our work.

  • Value each employee’s view points while championing diversity and inclusiveness.

  • Drive impact and exposure in the areas of STEM to underprivileged communities.

  • Strive to achieve business growth and profitability while producing results for customers and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Our Why

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It is our belief that we can reduce your risk exposure by securing your business from the inside out. Failure to implement an adequate risk mitigation strategy will cost your business millions. In addition to lost revenue, you can suffer downtime to your systems, lost productivity, and damage to reputation and consumer confidence.

So we provide services to help reduce risk to your organization and prevent the loss of value, trust, and confidence.

The way we leverage defensive cyber operations, risk mitigation, cyber threat intelligence, identification of threats, and vulnerability assessments, gives IOCYBER an advantage over our peers who may utilize only one of those approaches. We use these five decision approaches to produce reports that identify weaknesses and give you actionable information on where to improve your security posture.

IOCYBER can help companies put a strategy in place to ensure they won't be a statistic.

What Matters to Us

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

— Muhammad Ali

We strong interest in uplifting those who are in need especially in under-served communities. As we all know there is a growing educational gap, especially in the inner cities. We use IOCYBER as a vehicle to drive community impact, provide exposure in the areas of STEM and decrease that opportunity gap through community service initiatives.



A percentage of every dollar IOCYBER earns is donated to causes we believe strongly in. Those foundations who’s goals are to shorten the science technology engineering and math gap in under-served communities.