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Independent Verification & Validation

IOCYBER can provide assurance of the technical correctness of code, through our Independent Verification & Validation of commercial off-the-shelf (CoTS) and government off-the-shelf code (GoTS). This will allow companies to meet their requirements and validate security of the system/software. We also assess the overall quality of the system/software products and ensures compliance with the development-process standards.

Blockchain Consulting & Integration
Cyber Threat Intelligence & Open Source Research (OSINT)
Penetration Testing
Rapid Research & Development
Independent Verification & Validation
Identification of Security Risks & Attack Surfaces
Identification of Security Risk & Identify Attack Surfaces

IOCYBER illuminates those risks to customers networks though globally identifying, documenting, measuring and communicating Information Security risks across the organization. We apply real world mitigation strategies while leveraging our experience in researching emerging threats, examining data networks, systems, and applications and using the latest industry exploitation techniques to identify attack surfaces.