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Core Competencies

Cyber Systems Integration

Our Cyber Systems Integration service provides comprehensive and customized solutions to help protect your business from cyber threats. We work with you to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and develop a strategy to address them. Our team of experts takes a proactive approach to cyber security, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices to ensure your business is secure.

Independent Verification & Validation

Independent Test & Evaluation: Our Independent Verification & Validation services offer the assurance of technical accuracy, identification of potential vulnerabilities, and risks for commercial off-the-shelf (CoTS) and government off-the-shelf (GoTS) code. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our testing to meet them. This enables companies to meet their requirements and validate the security of their system/software. Additionally, we evaluate the overall quality of system/software products and ensure compliance with development-process standards.

Penetration Testing

IOCYBER can identify these gaps and provide early detection of security gaps and vulnerabilities in connected systems. We conduct penetration testing with an adversarial mindset with the goal to identify vulnerabilities and security gaps contributing to reduced cost of service downtime and keeping consumer confidence high. Our test expands across external and internal networks, web applications, cloud, social engineering, wireless, mobile and IoT.

Identification of Security Risk & Identify Attack Surfaces

We provide comprehensive analysis of your cyber security posture to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our analysis to meet them. Our team of experts provides a detailed report of findings and recommendations for remediation to help you improve your overall cyber security posture.

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Open Source Research (OSINT)

Our team of expert analysts can help you stay ahead of cyber threats by evaluating ongoing attacks targeting your assets, assessing potential impacts, and producing actionable intelligence analysis to support your organization's cybersecurity strategy. Through in-depth research and analysis from various sources, we can identify, analyze, and characterize networks, telecommunications, and social networks to provide a comprehensive operational picture of your security posture. Based on this data, we provide tailored recommendations to protect what's valuable to you and your customers, ensuring the safety and integrity of your organization's digital assets.

Rapid Research & Development

Our Rapid Research and Development service provides fast and efficient solutions to address potential cyber security threats. We leverage our expertise in cyber security and research and development to quickly identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and develop customized solutions to address them.

Want to know how IOCYBER can help you put a strategy in place or be of service to you, reach out and drop us a line. We will get back to you shortly.

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